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    "We are travelers on a journey,

    fellow pilgrims on the road"

  • Changes are coming!

    On January 20, Ephesus Baptist Church voted to begin a process of replanting our congregation. After a great deal of prayer and discussion, we realized that the American Church, including Ephesus, is in uncharted territory. Our church, like so many others, grew and fit within a time when most people had steady jobs, settled down with families, purchased homes, and had ample leisure time. Ephesus was designed to serve that world, but that world is gone. The norm is now that people are indebted, overworked, and have to move from place to place to keep employment. The church benefited from years of stability, but now we have to figure out how to preach Good News in more precarious times.


    We think that replanting will allow us to do this. We spent the months from the vote until Easter remembering testimonies of all that God has done at Ephesus, as well as looking forward to what we are called to do next. After Easter Sunday, we stopped holding regular worship services. The Summer months will be dedicated to organizing new friends, building new structures, and holding regular small group ministries. On the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we plan to restart our worship services as Jubilee Baptist Church, a body organized around making the Gospel of Jesus tangible in the way we hold each other's debts in common.


    During this transition we still welcome visitors! Over the Summer there will be several opportunities to gather with members of Ephesus and other new friends.


    If you have any questions or would like to be involved with the replant, feel free to contact any of our pastors.

  • We are currently in our Summer Sabbath!


    Regular worship services will begin again in September but in the meantime we have a number of gatherings over the Summer where visitors are welcome to join.


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    Cheryl Eller Family

    Heather Folliard

    Pastor of Community and Hospitality

    Heather was raised in the beautiful mountain town of Blowing Rock, NC and moved to Chapel Hill to attend UNC. She later graduated from Duke Divinity School. Heather is called to the healing ministry of Christ and strives to cultivate safe and loving environments where people experience God's love and justice. Heather and her husband John are the proud parents of Mary Grace, Rebecca, Jonah and Ruthie.

    Georgas Family

    Kevin Georgas

    Pastor of Worship and Teaching

    Kevin is a graduate of Baylor University and Duke Divinity School. His wife Caitlin is a social worker in Orange County and they have two children, Agnes and James. When he's not pastoring, Kevin loves watching baseball, smoking large slabs of meat, and taking Agnes to get biscuits at Rise.


    Contact Kevin at kevin@ephesusbaptistchurch.org

    Cheryl Eller Family

    John Thornton

    Pastor of Missions and Outreach

    John graduated from Duke Divinity School in 2015. Before coming to Ephesus to help us replant, he's been working with youth and young adults at churches in Greensboro and Winston Salem, NC. John's work in ministry focuses on making the church a place of hospitality and grace for people facing poverty and financial insecurity.


    Contact John at jcthorntonjr@gmail.com

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