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    "We are travelers on a journey,

    fellow pilgrims on the road"

  • Special Conference:

    Replant Vote

    January 20th following Worship

    Over the last few months, Ephesus has been praying about and discerning the possibility of replanting, using our resources to start over as a church in a process outlined here. Pastor Kevin and the deacons agree that given our capacities as a small, elderly congregation, replanting represents the best opportunity for Ephesus to leave a legacy for the sake of the Gospel in our community. The broader membership has expressed a bittersweet relief and excitement about this way of moving forward.


    On Sunday January 20th, the church will hold a special conference following the worship service to vote on whether we will move forward with replanting, a process that would be initiated by the church’s approval of these four items:


    1. The release of all remaining Building Funds via cy pres action, a legal process that makes it possible to use “impracticable” restricted funds for a purpose better suited to an organization’s mission.

    2. The creation of a Cooperative Council, consisting of both current members of Ephesus and committed members of the broader community. This board will provide accountability and administrative oversight during the time of transition.

    3. When funds become available, the Ephesus Personnel Committee and the Replant Cooperative Council will work together with the current pastor to recommend a Missions Pastor and a Community Pastor, who will collaborate with the current pastor to find new members and begin building the ministries of the replant.

    4. On April 21st (Easter Sunday), after an intentional time of celebrating Ephesus’ legacy for the Gospel, Ephesus Baptist Church will place traditional worship services on hiatus and enter a time of Sabbath, after which the Replant will officially launch worship services at the beginning of the school year.


    We are thankful for your prayers as we move toward this decision.

  • Worship

    Sundays 11am

    Sunday School @ 10:00am






    Ephesus Baptist Church is a congregation gathering on the border of Durham and Chapel Hill. We believe that hospitality and justice are markers of the story of Jesus, and we want that story to be the pattern for our life together. So whoever you are or wherever you come from, we invite you to join us as we strive to "do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly before our God."


    2nd Sunday after Epiphany

    Luke 4:14-21

    "A Time of Jubilee"



  • Community

    Community Breakfast

    Feb 5 @ 9am


    Bob Evans on 15-501

    5419 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd

    Durham, NC 27707

    Bible Study

    Wednesdays @ 11am

    in the Mal Pope Sunday School Room

  • Missions

    Interfaith Council Chapel Hill Logo

    Once a month we serve dinner for our poor and homeless neighbors at the Interfaith Council of Chapel Hill

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  • People

    Georgas Family

    Kevin Georgas


    Kevin is a graduate of Baylor University and Duke Divinity School. His wife Caitlin is a social worker in Orange County and they have two children, Agnes and James. When he's not pastoring, Kevin loves watching baseball, smoking large slabs of meat, and taking Agnes to get biscuits at Rise.


    Contact Kevin at kevin@ephesusbaptistchurch.org

    Cheryl Eller Family

    Cheryl Eller


    Cheryl has been at Ephesus since 2012 after a career at Blue Cross Blue Shield. She enjoys fishing, spending time with her kids and grandkids, being out on the water on the pontoon boat, and going to the mountains.


    Contact Cheryl at secretary@ephesusbaptistchurch.org

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